Is Genesis Framework worth using in your WordPress Website?

Is Genesis Framework worth using in your WordPress Website?

Is it worth using the Genesis Framework on your WordPress powered website? Is it going to improve your SEO and the loading speed of the website?

Let’s answer these questions first, and create a few tutorials over the next few weeks, so that you can start off on the right foot with this premium option for your WordPress website.

Is Genesis Framework worth using in your WordPress website?

You must first answer few questions:

  • What is a WordPress framework? It is a package of code that acts under a child theme in your WordPress, allowing you to modify the theme without problems while the framework is updated with new features.
  • What benefits does Genesis Framework will provide me? Optimized code for excellent SEO and very good load speed. HTML5 code and Responsive design adapted to mobile devices. Comes with different layouts and widgets.
  • Is it hard to use Genesis Framework? No. It is used just like any other WordPress theme, only you have to install the Framework first and then the child theme.
  • Genesis Framework is free? No. You have to pay for the framework and then if you want a specific child theme you also have to pay a lot of money.
  • Why should I pay for a theme when there are so many free WordPress? This is a personal choice, but using this Framework has certain advantages over free topics such as excellent support, unlimited updates, optimized code, excellent SEO, good design, tutorials and you only have to pay once.

Is Genesis Framework worth using in your WordPress?

Studiopress‘s Genesis Framework offers us an easy way to show a very professional look on our website or blog, forgetting about complicated theme updates and losing all our changes when we update them. The difference with other free options is that your code is very well optimized and we have a team behind us that will help us at all times if we have any problems.

This Framework has become so famous because many international bloggers have been using this themes over the past few years.

Its configuration and customization is very simple, and if you already have some knowledge of PHP and WordPress, the transition is completely transparent.

A few days ago they changed the design of their website, and soon they will change their price model, so it’s a good time to get hold of this Framework.

What do we pay and get from Genesis Framework?

  • If we just want to buy the Framework and their child theme, it will cost us$ 59.95 right now.
  • If we want an extra theme, we can buy it in conjunction with the framework, but it will cost us more (99.95$ child theme + Framework) than if we buy it in part (we get a discount for being a recurring customer. The price of the themes passed 44.95$ to 33.71$)
  • We will always need the Genesis Framework before installing any child theme.
  • You can also buy a pack with the Framework and all themes for $499.95 which is reduced to less than $400 if you are already a customer. This pack is only suitable if you are a developer and you will need many topics for your customers.

Genesis Framework

Which Child themes are the best within the Genesis Framework?

Actually it depends a lot on the type of website you want to build, but the categories they have are the following:

  • Real State
  • Business
  • Photography
  • Enterprise
  • Magazine

All themes have an excellent design and share their good SEO features and fast loading, although it also depends a lot on your hosting provider. If you use a CDN, and how you optimize content and images on your blog (plus many other things).

Genesis child theme plus framework

By this we mean that this Framework is not the universal panacea if you don’t take proper precautions optimizing your website. The best thing you can do is try it, and if you don’t like it, you get your money back (30 days term).

If you want to test Genesis Framework on your WordPress you only have to visit your website, StudioPress Themes for WordPress, sign up and then load the Framework and the theme on your installation.

During the next few weeks we will explain how to do the Genesis Framework installation on WordPress. If you want to know what are the best genesis themes, you can see the tested and best Genesis theme list from here.

WP Engine WordPress

And after WP Engine bought StudioPress, they are providing an awesome hosting package with free access to all StudioPress themes including Genesis Framework.

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