Since last week we opened the typeface closed. There’s no one to stop us! We usually talk about typography in its uses in graphic design: in typographic sheets, logos but today it is time to do so in web design.

Of course, typography is one of the most important elements and one that needs to be taken care of when making a web design. We always keep it in mind in that the design of our each WordPress templates. The typography will depend on the approach we want to give you and the function of the web.

Sometimes we can get the differentiation of our web with another that has used the same template with the only change of typography. If we modify their sizes and thickness, it can be something very different from what we had.

That is why today we bring you a selection of websites in which typography is one of the fundamental parts of it. As I had many to choose from and little decision to stay with, I have divided them into two: WordPress templates that you can download and webs to take inspiration.

Also, since today we are talking about typography on the web, you can find links to download the representative typographies of each of them.

WordPress templates with very careful fonts

At first, in this article only webs were going to appear to take inspiration, but then I thought, if I could find some WordPress templates to start from, I’m sure it was simpler.


Simplicity is one of the main features of this template. The smallest detail is taken care of and everything occupies a specific place for some reason.

Deluxe Portfolio Theme

The typographies chosen contrast with each other, with a typography a lot of fonts like “Monserrat” and the one chosen for the paragraph text “Source Code Pro” that reminds us of a typewriter. Both are Google font and therefore free download.

More Info/Download Demo Hosting



His title says it all. It is a template in which the importance of typography leaves aside any element that might distract us.

Responsive Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme

We find two typographies that are familiar to us, for paragraphs this theme use PTSans while for texts it has “Monserrat”.

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In it, typography is the pillar on which the design is based. It’s a blog, where the main thing is your reading.

Clean WordPress Blog Theme

The typefaces chosen are two Google Font, known to all, for paragraphs Source Sans Pro and for Playfair display titles.

More Info/Download Demo Hosting


Websites typography to inspire

With a lot of work and effort, in the end I have decided to stay with three (don’t worry that I’ll keep it for another article in them, the use of typography is done in a creative and shocking way, being the main core of where the web starts.


Typography is the center of the web. In it we see images of the works as well, but our eyes go towards typography. This is perfectly framed within each of the pages.


In this case, the fonts used by the author are paid for, and you can download them in the following links:

Vintage hope

It is clear that typography is the backbone of the web. We have a striking and striking typography, which tells us the main part of the message, while for descriptions in which the reading is somewhat greater, we use the typography known by all, helvetica.


The fonts used on the web, Belta and Helvetica are for commercial use even if Belta can use them for free in their personal use.


I wish this list will inspire you to chose the right typography for your next personal or commercial projects. Even you can check our “Essentials skills for Top Freelancer” post, where we mentioned about good typography sense.